Resource management stands as the cornerstone of organizational success, wielding a pivotal influence over institutional accomplishments. This tenet assumes an even greater significance within the context of B.Sc. Home Science Woman College, where the nurturing of young women – the vanguards of our future – takes center stage.

A robust resource management framework serves as the bedrock for furnishing students with superlative education, facilities, and services, all while upholding fiscal equilibrium. It entails deftly orchestrating an ensemble of components, encompassing human capital, finances, physical infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology, to propel the college towards its cherished objectives.

This study embarks on a voyage to unearth the profound significance of resource management within the precincts of B.Sc. Home Science Woman College. By delving into the intricacies of its implementation, we strive to unveil a tapestry of possibilities that promise to augment the institution’s holistic functionality. As the discourse unfolds, we envision an enriched tapestry of educational eminence and a springboard for the ascendancy of generations to come.